From Idea to Website by Katrina Martin

From Idea to Website

From Idea to Website


So you have an idea for a blog or business but you need to build a website for it. Now you're asking yourself...

Where do I even begin?
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This workshop will help you with that exact question. I've broken down the steps into 5 parts to guide you in this journey. You'll go from a simple idea to naming your site to launching your site to the world. 

Part I: Researching Your Idea
Part II: Get Resources
Part III: Building Your Site
Part IV: Discovering Your Style
Part V: Putting Yourself Out There

What's included?

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19 mins
From Idea to Website Workbook
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Workshop Slides
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A WordPress developer that specializes in custom child themes for the Genesis Framework. I really got into code during those amazing MySpace years creating custom and premade layouts on the platform. I have a background (12 years) in Information Technology and customer service working in a corporate setting. A Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Internation Academy of Design & Technolgy.